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Centre Taking Control Of Polavaram?

Centre Taking Control Of Polavaram?

It appears the Central government has decided to virtually take control of the construction of Polavaram project and relegate the Chandrababu Naidu government just to supervisory role.

It became more or less in the meeting of the chief minister with Union Water Resources Minister Nitin Gadkari in New Delhi on Wednesday night.

While making it clear that he would personally monitor the progress of works on a week to week basis, Gadkari declared that he was appointing a full time Chief Executive Officer for executing the construction work on war footing.

He said the officer would be posted at the project site and not in Delhi or Vijayawada and all the engineers would report to him.

At the same time, Gadkari said the Centre would stick to its orders keeping in abeyance the fresh tenders for spill way headworks and channels.

As such, the Naidu government’s request to change the main contractor Transstroy would not be entertained.

“We shall give Transstroy one more month to expedite the concrete works and if it didn’t work out, then the Centre would consider change of contractor,” he told Naidu.

The Union minister made it clear that it would see that the Polavaram project be completed at any cost by next year.

He said the Centre would release Rs 2,500 crore to the project by the end of December.

Gadkari asked the Chief Minister to submit a report on the revised expenditure for the relief and rehabilitation of people who are going to be displaced.

All these developments clearly shows that the Centre would personally handle the Polavaram project works, though on paper, the execution will be done by the state.



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