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Capital City Master Plan, A Sell Out

Hyderabad: Describing master plan of capital city as bereft of nativity and a sell-out of Telugu pride and self-pride to Singapore Company, YSR Congress has said the exercise is only to further the business interests of the Chief Minister and his family members.  

“The hidden agenda behind awarding the contract of developing capital city to a Singapore company is obvious and ignoring the local talent for such a huge task which involves the nativity is nothing but a total sell-out’ party spokesperson Vasireddy Padma told reporters here on Monday.

The decision of the cabinet is a shameful act and is an insult to the Telugu pride and self-respect, more so when the Singapore Companies are not renowned for their expertise in infrastructure development.

Telugu speaking people have been highly successful in various fields world over but Chndrababu Naidu preferring Singapore developers vouches for the fact that he and his family members have business interests in that country.

“If we are not in a position to prepare a master plan of a future city and have to depend on others then it is better to outsource the governance even to a foreign company,” she said.

Going ahead of the capital formation even before the Shivaramakrishanan Committee has submitted it report shows that there is vested interest for the Chief Minister and his close associates and a Singapore company developing the Telugu capital state named Amaravathi is ridiculous and an insult to the Telugu people, she said. 



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