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Buzz: Brahmin Family Suffered By This Young Man

Buzz: Brahmin Family Suffered By This Young Man

He is a young man, but his father was everything to the Chief Minister. Using that influence, this young man also got the chance to exercise power.

Eventually, some people within the system were sidelined, and his father granted him certain powers.

There are rumors circulating in party circles about him. It is said that power has corrupted this young man’s mind, leading him to engage in various mischievous activities.

According to sources, in Visakhapatnam, there is land that belongs to him or his benamis. Adjacent to it, a Brahmin family owns some property.

Upon learning that the land belonged to an innocent Brahmin family, this young man went to their house to assert his power and intimidate them, demanding that they sell the land at a price he set.

Fortunately, this Brahmin family has a close acquaintance in the Chief Minister’s office. They called this acquaintance, who advised them to claim they were his relatives, which they did. However, the young man initially did not relent.

Only after the acquaintance in the CM’s office directly contacted the young man did he leave the Brahmin family alone.

There is also talk within YSRCP circles that this young man made things difficult for many ticket aspirants, extorting crores from them without delivering the tickets they were promised.

They remained silent before the election, but now they are trying to reach him. However, the young man’s phones have been switched off.


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