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Buzz: Big Insult To KCR And KTR

Buzz: Big Insult To KCR And KTR

KTR recently called CM Ramesh, Chairman of the Rajya Sabha Housing Committee, to inquire about the possibility of providing a bungalow for Rajya Sabha member Vaddi Raju Ravichandra, which could also be used by his father, KCR, when he visits Delhi.

According to reports, CM Ramesh responded bitterly, saying, "Why should I help you? I have requested an appointment with your father many times, but he hasn't responded. What can I expect from someone like that when he comes to Delhi?"

KTR, who believed that CM Ramesh was aligned with his group and would offer assistance, was shocked by this response.

In response, KTR invited Ramesh to meet him personally when he visits Hyderabad.

To this, Ramesh promptly replied, "Now you don't hold that much influence in Hyderabad. No one will be willing to meet you," according to sources familiar with the situation.

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