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Bunny Vasu Hits Jackpot with Vijay

Bunny Vasu Hits Jackpot with Vijay

The massive success of “Arjun Reddy” in both Telugu states and abroad has made Vijay Devarakonda a much sought-after star.

The craze that he has among youth is unbelievable. And trying to cash in on his new-found success are buyers and distributors who are vying to bag his movies.

His next big release is being produced by Bunny Vasu of “Geetha Arts” in the direction of Parusaram. Already, there is buzz that there is much demand for the film that is being readied for release later this year.

“Arjun Reddy” was sold to distributors in the range of Rs 6 cr altogether worldwide. The film is now expected to rake in Rs 23 cr (share) from theatrical run worldwide. From Telangana and AP itself, the film will collect about Rs 15 cr.

Talk is that production house Bunny Vasu is now planning to sell this new movie for Rs 20 plus cr, though the movie’s budget is below Rs 10 cr.

It is sheer luck for this banner, as they will make a minimum Rs 12 cr table profit before the release of the film.

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