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Botsa ruining the YSRC in Vizianagaram?

Botsa ruining the YSRC in Vizianagaram?

When he was in the Congress party, former minister and ex-Pradesh Congress Committee president Botsa Satyanarayana faced allegations of completely messing up the party.

He and his family members, who were allegedly involved in liquor scam, dominated the party politics in the district and ruined the party’s image.

Now that Botsa and his team have joined the YSRC Congress party, they are trying to dominate the show again as a result of which loyalist of the party and senior leaders are forced to look for alternatives.

The resignation of MLC Kolagatla Veerabhadra Swamy from the YSR Coordinator post for Vizianagaram is a classic example of the unhealthy trend prevailing in the YSRC in the district after the entry of Botsa.

Kolagatla clearly told the party leadership that he was forced to resign due to internal differences with some leaders in the party. Obviously, he was referring to Botsa, as he had openly opposed Botsa’s admission into the YSRC.

Though he said he would continue with the party and would not quit the MLC seat, there have been reports that he might soon take a plunge into the Telugu Desam Party.

Kolagatla also resigned to the Vizianagaram district chief post on December 25 last year but chose to stay with the party.

“But now the cold war between him and Botsa has become intensified. So, he has no option but to put pressure on the party leadership. If Jagan listens to him, he will stay back in the YSRC. Otherwise, he may have to look for the alternative,” sources said.

Further, Majji Srinivasa Rao alias Chinna Sreenu, nephew of Botsa, was made the party convener for the Vizianagaram Assembly constituency three months ago and the sources said that the move did not go down well with Veerabadra Swamy who was holding the same post. 



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