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BJP wants to play Opposition in AP assembly?

BJP wants to play Opposition in AP assembly?

With YSR Congress party boycotting the Andhra Pradesh assembly, winter session of which began on Friday, the Bharatiya Janata Party seems to have decided to play the rope of Opposition in the House.

Though the BJP is an ally of the ruling Telugu Desam Party, it is not happy with the way the assembly is running without the opposition. Already, the BJP legislators led by floor leader B Vishnu Kumar Raju are losing no opportunity in attacking the Chandrababu Naidu government outside the assembly. Now, they are planning to do the same inside the house.

While criticising YSR Congress party MLAs for boycotting the assembly, Vishnu Kumar Raju said there was no charm in the House without the opposition.

“We feel like sleeping in the House, because we are not able to bear the self-boasting of the ruling party members and praising of Chandrababu Naidu,” he said.

Raju further said since YSRC was not there in the House, the BJP members though they would get the opportunity to speak and raise some crucial issues pertaining to the people.

“But we are not getting the opportunity even on central schemes like Amruth. We are not able to question the government on misuse of central funds as the Speaker is not even looking at us,” he said.

Referring to the implementation of NTR Housing Scheme in the state, the BJP floor leader said TDP government was claiming the scheme as its own, while the fact that it was a centrally sponsored scheme.

“There is every scope that people might treat it as a scheme introduced by late N T Rama Rao. When we wanted to put the records straight, the Speaker did not give us a chance,” he alleged.



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