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BJP To Decide After Nandyal Results

There has been a lot of speculation regarding the future of BJP-TDP friendship. There have been innumerable number of stories and analytical stories about how the two parties are contemplating their future moves in Andhra Pradesh.

Since BJP is eyeing to make its party strong and extend its base in both Telugu states, there are strong rumours that the TDP-BJP alliance might end soon. However, nothing is being said officially and the BJP leaders in Delhi are closely monitoring the developments in Andhra.

Now that the Nandyal by-election has concluded, talk is that BJP is waiting for the election result to decide on future strategy.

Both TDP and YSRCP have taken the Nandyal polling rather prestigiously and both the parties see the election as a way of showcasing their strength. The election is being seen as a precursor for the 2019 elections.

Meanwhile, BJP has decided to wait and watch before deciding on their alliance partner for 2019 elections. While it is a matter of time before the results will be declared, it is being said that whichever party wins the election, will win by a narrow margin.

There is talk that BJP leaders had warned Pawan Kalyan to stay off the election in Nandyal. Though Pawan was keen on supporting TDP, BJP is said to have instructed him not to get involved.

There is also talk that by staying 'neutral', BJP has indirectly supported YSRCP during Nandyal by-election.

If TDP loses Nandyal by-poll, BJP will seize the opportunity to make some key moves, say party insiders. Once the results are out, new political alliances will be made in Andhra Pradesh, predict political analysts.



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