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BJP target is not TRS, but Congress!

The Bharatiya Janata Party national leadership, which is working out a strategy for Telangana in 2019 elections, is said to be targeting the Congress party, rather than defeating the Telangana Rashtra Samithi!

Though the Telangana BJP leaders are claiming that their main target is to win not less than 80 assembly and a dozen MP seats, their national leadership seems to have a different plan.

While its objective is to win as many MP seats as possible, it is not in a hurry to come to power in Telangana in 2019 itself, for the party think tank knows it does not have enough strength or reach all over the state to defeat the TRS.

Sources said the primary objective of the BJP, therefore, is to wipe out the Congress party in Telangana in the next two years.

At present, the Congress is the only effective alternative to the TRS, but because of the leadership crisis and internal differences among the leaders, it is not able to put up the big fight against the TRS.

The BJP leadership is trying to capitalise on these weaknesses of the Congress party and destroy it systematically, so that it cannot recover in the coming years at all.

As part of this “Congress-mukth Telangana,” the BJP leadership is laying bait for senior Congress leaders and their next generation leaders.

As per the latest information, BJP national president Amit Shah has trapped at least five Congress MLAs and one MLC from Congress Party and they are ready to join the BJP in coming days.

He is mainly concentrating on Reddy community in Telangana to keep a check on the Congress.

The BJP strongly feels that KCR would support the NDA if necessary in coming elections at centre.

Amit Shah wants to clear up the Congress and want to make up BJP as strong opposition party in Telangana. If everything goes well, the BJP can try for coming to power in Telangana by 2024!



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