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BJP Is Against Telangana Formation

A lot of drama and suspense is on regarding the Telangana issue but all of them know that the final decision lies in the hands of the BJP since its support will pass the bill in parliament. But according to a leaked discussion among senior politicians in Delhi, BJP is against Telangana formation. There are few reasons for that.

Firstly, TRS must merge with Congress only then they will give Telangana but TRS will say “Give Telangana then we will merge”, that has to be solved. Secondly, if BJP supports separate Telangana and if it forms the government by any chance at the centre then they have to give the state.

And in case state forms then who has to give funds to the new state? BJP has to take the onus. Plus looking at this, Bodoland, Vidarbha and all other separate state seekers will start their agitations and the headaches BJP has to bear throughout their term. So, if they support they must be calculating they will not come to power.

But if they think they can manage then they are fools. However, they are saying they are not against Telangana but Samanyayam must happen. This is a tactical way to protect themselves. Same is the game plan of Chandrababu Naidu. Above all, why will Congress give Telangana? the credit will go to TRS.

So, in this big game, the public is becoming big fools. Anyhow, they are also fixed that no politician is going to stick to his/her promises so the Telangana issue has become a joke and tool for politicians to satisfy their personal goals.

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