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Big Fat Wedding Of Sujana's Daughter!

Big Fat Wedding Of Sujana's Daughter!

Union minister of state for science and technology Y S Chowadary alias Sujana Chowdary performed the wedding of his daughter Y Naga Chandini in the early hours of Thursday very quietly without much publicity.

However, those who attended the marriage and the pre-wedding reception on Wednesday night, were shocked to notice the kind of ostentatiousness displayed by Sujana – whether it is the jewellery worn by the bride or the massive settings erected at the venue – GMR Arena on the Shamshabad airport premises or the lavish spread of dinner arranged for the guests.

According to an estimate, Sujana is learnt to have spread not less than Rs 200 crore just on performing the marriage, forget about the jewellery for the bride or the dowry for the bridegroom.

He is said to have presented expensive gift for the bridegroom – Krishna Vardhan, son of Dr Hema Malini and Dr Prasad.

However, the Union minister kept a very low profile till the marriage was performed as he did not want to display his wealth like in the case of other big fat weddings, though it was no less ostentatious than these weddings.

Last year, one has witnessed the kind of wealth displayed by NTV Chowdary for his daughter’s wedding, in which he reportedly spent more than Rs 500 crore.

And the mother of all weddings was that of mining baron Gali Janardhan Reddy’s daughter at Bellary in Karnataka.

Looks like the big businessmen are not hesitating to flaunt their wealth to prop up their image!



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