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Behind The Scene: OU Versus KCR!

There are many people who chose to complicate things for themselves. When there is a simple and clear route ahead of them, they choose to take a different and extremely complicated path to the same goal. This is very much true of KCR.

Already at loggerheads with the students over the issue of job notifications, the entire Osmania University is now up in arms against KCR’s latest decision.

He said that his government will buy 11 acres from Osmania University and construct housing projects for the poor on that land.

The Osmania JAC has warned KCR against acquiring even a single yard of University land.

“OU is not the property of KCR’s father. There is no permission to lay even a single pipeline here. Where then does the question of acquiring land arise? Judging by KCR’s behavior, it appears as if he will soon sell away the ‘Arts’ College and ‘Engineering College’ also to Oberoi Hotels,” said the JAC.

There are many lands available in Hyderabad which have been assigned to various government bodies and are lying unused. Why can’t KCR use that land? Why OU of all places?



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