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Behind The Scene: Killing Time

Hyderabad: What would you call somebody who stabs a person on the street and then complains that the victim is not receiving medical attention?  

Congress leaders led by APCC president N. Raghuveera Reddy left for New Delhi by the AP Express from Visakhapatnam on Saturday morning as part of the ‘Chalo Delhi’ campaign to achieve special category status to the State and special packages to backward areas.

When the NDA is in no mood to entertain its own ally the TDP, what will a handful of congressmen try and achieve in Delhi? Besides, are they not responsible for the whole mess in the first place?

Nevertheless, they should be appreciated for their efforts and if they keep going, they may actually be able to win an Assembly seat in the next elections. There is no better way of killing time or justifying the expenditure on their party office.



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