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Behind The Scene: KCR's Dilemma!

Behind The Scene: KCR's Dilemma!

One major reason behind KCR’s decision to go in for early polls is the political future of his son KTR.

The perception in political circles is that KCR wants to crown his son as Chief Minister in 2019, yet is uncertain of how the public will respond to such a move.

Telangana sentiment is expected to help the TRS Party come to power again in 2019 although the first signs of anti-incumbency are clearly there judging by the beefed up activities of the Congress Party and Rahul Gandhi’s tour.

KCR is also reportedly negotiating a berth in the Central Ministry which he feels will help him guide the future of his son as CM. But there’s one problem here.

People will accept KCR as CM again but may not be so accommodating if KTR is declared as the CM candidate. Reason?

Prior to 2014, KCR had declared that he would make a Dalit as the Chief Minister but went on to occupy the Chair himself. Since he played the major role in the agitation, no one really complained.

But in the case of his son and daughter, KCR said that they would exit the political scene after the formation of Telangana. Now, if he were to bring his son forward as the CM, it might breed serious resentment.

On the other hand, before the anti-incumbency assumes  serious proportions, KCR feels it would be better to hand over power to his son.

Hence, the early polls! A real dilemma indeed.