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Behind The Scene: JC Brothers To Quit Politics?

Going by the reports doing rounds in the media circles, Telugu Desam Party MP from Anantapur J C Diwakar Reddy and his brother J C Prabhakar Reddy, MLA from Tadipatri, might not contest the elections in 2019.

According to these reports, JC brothers are contemplating retiring from politics and focussing on their family business enterprises. In their places, their children would enter politics. 

While Diwakar Reddy’s son Pavan Reddy is already gearing up to enter politics by actively moving with his father’s followers, Prabhakar Reddy’s son Asmith Reddy is also getting ready to make the political “arangetram” shortly.

Apparently, JC brothers have realised that they are gradually losing the public support because they are not able to get adjusted to the Telugu Desam Party politics in Anantapur.

After the bifurcation of combined AP, they had no option but to join the TDP since the Congress party has lost its ground and they cannot join the YSR Congress party because of their traditional rivalry with YSR family.

Moreover, they found Naidu a safe option, as they thought they could get away with their aggressive politics in the TDP regime.

But things are turning against them now. So, they have realised that it’s time to quit politics and handover the mantle to their children.

Since they are fresh faces, they might not face much problems in any political party they choose. And the fathers are always there to guide them from behind the screen!



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