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Behind The Scene: Infighting In The TDP

Supporters of Sujana Chowdary allege that there are a section of TDP leaders conspiring against the former.

The Sujana camp says that these leaders do not want Sujana either as a Union Minister or an MP.

“When Sujana was being made Union Minister, using their clout with the media, they got stories planted regarding Sujana Chowdary. And now that his Rajya Sabha membership is up for renewal, they have dragged his name into the Srinivas Kalyan case to tarnish his reputation,” said Sujana supporters.

They alleged that a TDP leader who is based in Delhi along with another MP who belongs to Chandrababu’s coterie are behind the attempts.

“These two leaked information to the CBI regarding Srinivas Kalyan and thereby hope that it will prove to be the downfall of Sujana. They are also responsible for Lokesh distancing himself from Sujana and now they are trying to poison Chandrababu’s mind too,” said the supporters.



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