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Behind The Scene: Flattering to deceive

Behind The Scene: Flattering to deceive

After having started his 'Jana Sena' amidst a lot of fanfare and expectations, Pawan Kalyan soon turned it into a 'Bhajana Sena' of the TDP and BJP.

Is it true as alleged by his detractors that he just started the Party to help the TDP come to power in return for a ‘fat package’? How else can one explain his mystifying silence on various aspects related to public issues?

At the inaugural speech of his ‘Party’, Pawan Kalyan said that he was not desirous of power but was starting the ‘Party’ to question the wrong doings of the government.

Now the ‘land pooling’ issue is snowballing into a huge controversy with farmers up in arms against the establishment as their very livelihood is threatened. Also, the TDP government hasn’t lived up to its promise of loan waiver for the farmers.

On both issues, Pawan Kalyan has maintained a stoic silence. And this is the man who has criticized the Congress regime of forcibly acquiring lands from farmers.

The recent political presence of Pawan was to eulogize the efforts of Naidu post the ‘Hudhud’ calamity.

All these factors combined give rise to the apprehension that Pawan Kalyan is just following in the footsteps of his brother: flattering to deceive.

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