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Behind The Scene: Chundu Sudhakar effect?

Behind The Scene: Chundu Sudhakar effect?

Recently, an idiot called Chundu Sudhakar posted a video in which he spoke derogatorily about the Brahmin community.

Such videos cannot be without consequences in terms of creating rifts between communities.

A Kamma builder in Visakhapatnam started an apartment project in Madhurawada area of the city. Since the builder was a Kamma, naturally the majority of buyers were also Kammas.

But after the Chundu Sudhakar episode was given publicity by the media, especially by TDP-affiliated Maha TV, the relations between the two communities have only soured.

In Visakhapatnam, the Brahmins who booked units in that apartment complex cancelled their bookings as they didn’t want to be neighbors with the Kammas and because of this, the other community people have cancelled their bookings as well as they stated that they didn’t want to stay in an apartment block dominated by the Kammas.

Now, the builder is left with bookings only from his community and is looking to sell the rest of the units again.

Talk about casteism in Andhra Pradesh!



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