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Behind The Scene: All For Hyderabad!

Behind The Scene: All For Hyderabad!

Telangana people will say that the fight for a separate state was one for self-respect. Andhra people will say that it is a fight for Hyderabad.

And ironically, despite the creation of a separate State, it is in Hyderabad that the TRS is weakest politically.

Knowing this fully well, KCR has kept postponing the GHMC elections as he tries to bolster his strength in Hyderabad in the meantime by poaching MLA’s from other parties and other such activities.

With the Courts now giving a timeline to KCR on conducting the polls, KCR is trying to make everything coincide with the date of polls.

The launch of the ‘Metro Rail’ has been planned accordingly. And now, he wanted the Water Board to commission the Godavari drinking water project before the announcement of polls, but officials are saying that the project can be ready only by the first half of 2016.

As per the Hyderabad high court order to the Telangana government, GHMC elections should be held in December this year. For that, the notification should be issued about 45 days before.

“We can at best conduct trial runs in July this year. But the project can be commissioned only in March or April 2016,” according to sources in the Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board.

The Godavari drinking water project aims to provide 172 million gallons a day from Karimnagar district to the city.

According to sources, out of the total 184 km, pipelines have been laid for only 170 km. But technicalities apart, that precisely seems to be the problem with KCR.

Major projects such as ‘Metro Rail’ are being subject to political interference and hampering with their deadlines. He is an extremely good politician but a very poor administrator. And it is administration that the people need now, not politics.