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Be In Your Limits, Rayapati Tells BJP Leader

Who is going to be at loss if the BJP-TDP alliance breaks up? Well, according to TDP MP from Narasaraopet Rayapati Sambasiva Rao, it is the BJP which is going to suffer losses if it severs ties with TDP.

Rayapati found fault with BJP legislator Somu Veerraju for making unsavoury comments against the TDP with regard to Amaravati, special package and other issues. He alleged that Veerraju was unnecessarily poking his nose in all the issues thereby creating rift between the TDP and the BJP.

“What does Veerraju know about Amaravati? We never said we need Rs one lakh crore for the capital construction. It is better Veerraju knows his limits and does not comment on every issue in which he has no knowledge,” he said.

Rayapati advised that in the interest of the state, both the BJP and the TDP should sail together. Otherwise, the BJP will be the biggest loser, he said.



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