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Babu Started It... He Is Continuing It

Babu Started It... He Is Continuing It

No matter what happens and no matter what the consequences are, there is no going back now, seems to be the motto of Andhra Pradesh IT Minister Palle Raghunadha Reddy.

For the past four months, Chandra Babu Naidu has been constantly speaking about developing smart cities and silicon valleys. Right now, other TDP leaders are continuing the same tune.

A few days back, Palle promised that he would transform his native district Anantapur into Silicon Valley.

He also made a huge hue and cry about turning other villages and towns into smart cities. But for how long will TDP leaders continue making their false promises? So, he had become silent for some time after realizing this reality.

But once again, Palle is back in action. Only this time around, he has turned his focus to Vizag.

He has announced that his government will convert Vizag into a smart city and an IT hub. Following the devastating impact of cyclone Hud Hud in Vizag, Palle made this statement and has shown that he is back in form.

Meanwhile, Chandra Babu has promised that he will turn the fishing villages into smart cities.

Since Babu garu has set the ball rolling, Palle is taking it a step further by making his share of promises. However, one must acknowledge that between them, the TDP leaders are keeping people totally amused. 

Well, TDP leaders must be warned that a slight breeze can raze castles built in air.



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