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At Last, Kapu Quota Issue Gets Some Movement!

At Last, Kapu Quota Issue Gets Some Movement!

After a lot of dilly-dallying and dodging over three years, the Chandrababu Naidu government has finally decided to give some push to the much-publicised demand for inclusion of Kapus in the BC quota.

The Naidu cabinet, which met on Friday, approved the report of the Justice Manjunatha Commission, constituted to look into the issue of inclusion of Kapus into the BCs.

The chief minister told a meeting of the Telugu Desam Legislature Party in Amaravati that the Manjunatha Commission would be tabled in the state legislative assembly on Saturday and would be debated.

After that, a resolution would be passed in the House seeking the Centre to approve the enhanced quota for OBCs so as to make space for Kapus.

“We are committed to fulfilling our promise made in our election manifesto. Since we cannot take a decision without a proper procedure as it would be struck off by the court, we have appointed the Manjunatha Commission so as to go through a legal process,” he said.

May be, Naidu has expedited the matter of Kapu reservations to pre-empt former minister and Kapu strongman Mudragada Padmanabham from taking up the massive agitation from December 6.

Mudragada set a deadline of December 6 for the announcement of reservations for Kapus.

It remains to be seen how Mudragada will react to the Manjunatha Commission report and the resolution to be adopted in the assembly.



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