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As Usual, Pawan Contradicts Himself

As Usual, Pawan Contradicts Himself

From 'I am not here for power or position, I am only here to question', to 'Please vote me to power', it has been quite a journey for actor-turned politician Pawan Kalyan.

In the past, speaking out against Jagan Reddy, Pawan Kalyan said, “One need not be in power to do good. Even in the capacity of an Opposition leader, one can do service to society.”

Yesterday, the power star said during his ‘Praja Porata Yatra’ that he will establish homes for the aged with his earnings once the Jana Sena was voted to power. Good, Sir!

But why do you need to come to power to do good to society with your earnings?

Besides, you will no longer be acting in films. So, what earnings are you speaking of after coming to power? Your CM salary? Or do you have something else in mind?

He said the same thing about establishing memorials for martyrs who gave up their cause for Jai Andhra. Why does he need a CM‘s post to establish memorials for them? 

So, the advice which Pawan gave Jagan Reddy, does it not apply to him also?



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