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AP Has Equal Right On Nizam's Buildings?

AP Has Equal Right On Nizam's Buildings?

The buildings constructed by the erstwhile Nizam in Hyderabad state are not the sole property of Telangana; even Andhra Pradesh  has an equal right on them.

This is the argument of the Telugu Desam Party leaders from Andhra Pradesh. According to TDP spokesman Gali Muddukrishnama Naidu, the Andhra Pradesh government had every right to demand its share from the buildings like the Assembly, Legislative Council, Jubilee Hall, Osmania University and Osmania Hospital, which were built by the Nizams.

He demanded that the Jubilee hall and Marri Channa Reddy Institute be handed over to AP.

Muddu also pointed out that buildings like Vidyut Soudha, Bus Bhavan and some other buildings were constructed during NTR and Chandrababu Naidu regimes.

“Naidu is developing Amaravati for the convenience of government. That does not mean, AP has to vacate Hyderabad. It is unfortunate that the Telangana government headed by K Chandrasekhar Rao had passed a resolution in the cabinet and asked the Governor to send it to AP government seeking possession of the buildings vacated by the AP government,” he said.

Gali said Chandrababu Naidu was working on give and take policy to resolve disputes between the two Telugu States whereas KCR was trying to provoke situation.

As per the Schedule IX and X, 175 institutions and 37 structures did come under the ambit of these two articles, he said, adding that there were a total of 216 structures, including Election Commission and Human Rights Commission offices.



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