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Andhra Bhoomi closed, staff approach HRC

Andhra Bhoomi closed, staff approach HRC

The inevitable has happened. The Deccan Chronicle group management has finally wound up its decades-old Telugu daily Andhra Bhoomi completely, throwing thousands of employees on the roads.

Though the daily has ceased its publication last year itself, the management has not officially closed it and the employees were not asked to leave.

They have not been paid salaries, and so, they were hoping that the publication would make a turnaround and would be reopened in future.

But a few days ago, the management officially declared that Andhra Bhoomi is being closed once and for all. It reportedly asked the employees to leave, and expressed its inability to pay the salary dues to them.

Many of the employees were due to be paid salaries for several months and were hoping to get the arrears to clear their debts. But with the management throwing up its hands to pay even the arrears for their period of working, they were heart-broken.

What is worse, they came to know that the DC management has not remitted the income tax deducted from their salaries to the IT department and now, many employees are getting notices from the department.

Having no other choice, the employees moved the Telangana state human rights commission requesting that they be paid their salary arrears at least, if not jobs, so that they can clear their loans.s

HRC chairman Justice Chandraiah served a notice on the management giving it two weeks’ time to redress the grievances of the employees.

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