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Anantapur ZP Boycotts Modi Speech!

Anantapur ZP Boycotts Modi Speech!

The opposition against the Bharatiya Janata Party government at the Centre seems to be fast catching up among the people of Andhra Pradesh gradually and it is snowballing into an open revolt by the public representatives against the Centre.

On Tuesday, people’s representatives in Anantapur district stopped the projection of live telecast of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the occasion of Panchayati Raj Day.

The telecast from Madhya Pradesh was shown at all Panchayats and Zilla Parishad across the country.

However the Zilla Parishad members and state minister for women and child welfare Paritala Sunitha raised strong objection to screening of speech by the Prime Minister.

As the screening of the live telecast began on a screen erected on the podium where the district officials were sitting, the Telugu Desam Party members threw a yellow cloth on the projector in an effort to stop the screening.

They raised slogans “Modi down Down” and “We demand Special status”. Joining them, the minister said that they would not allow any programme addressed by the PM to be telecast in the official programme till the demand for the SCS is conceded.

However members from other political parties stayed away from the protest. The meeting then continued without the speech of the Prime Minister as the TDP members blocked the screen.

In Tirupati, several political organisations under the umbrella of Pratyekha Hoda Sadhana Samithi organized a “Bijli Bandh” on Tuesday night for half an hour.

People of the town in most of the places voluntarily turned off lights and lit candles instead, to demand SCS.

Samithi Chief Chalasani Srinivas said that the people of the state were in no mood to accept any other alternative to special status.

The ruling parties in the state and the centre would have to face heat if they failed to fulfil their genuine demand.



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