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Accused Try To Wriggle Out Of Jagan's Case

Accused Try To Wriggle Out Of Jagan's Case

People co-accused in YS Jagan's disproportionate assets case are trying to slowly get themselves out of the case. And right now, their cases are being heard in the High Court.

Some time back, India Cements head Srinivasn was exempted by the Court when it did away with his appearing in person during proceedings.

At the time, Srinivas' lawyer had argued that there was no link between their company investing in Jagan's companies and securing government subsidies during YS Rajasekhar Reddy's time.

Now, Penna Cements owner Pratapa Reddy got a similar ruling from the High Court. Reddy's lawyer had argued that the CBI had filed cases against their company just to strengthen their case against the main accused Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Pratapa Reddy had told the Court that while the valuation of his land in Yadi in Anantapur district was approximately Rs 43 lakhs, CBI had accused his company of investing Rs 53 crores in Jagan's company.

He also explained to the Court that much of the land was used to lay roads and other such amenities and that all land was bought through public auction. After listening to his version, the Court had exempt Pratapa Reddy from appearing in person.

So, almost all accused have presented their individual versions and have managed to wriggle out of the case.

If all accused maintain that their investments were blown out of proportion, then surely Jagan's case will take a new course.



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