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A Win-Win Situation For Sonia!

A Win-Win Situation For Sonia!

Sonia Gandhi's new found love for Andhra Pradesh might not cut any ice with the people of the State, but in terms of sheer political strategy, it is simply brilliant.

The BJP is not keen on granting 'special status to AP as Tamil Nadu CM and KCR along with a host of other states are against it.

It will open a flurry of demands and put the Party in a spot of bother as far as the BJP is concerned.

By criticising the BJP and putting it on the back foot, ( KNOWING FULLY WELL THAT BJP WILL NOT GIVE SPECIAL STATUS) Sonia can hope to cover lost ground in AP for she will be seen as championing the cause of AP.

On the other hand, if by some stroke of luck, the BJP does indeed accord special status to AP, then Sonia can take credit saying it was her effort that resulted in the special status.

Either way, it is a win win situation for the Italian who currently has zero legislators or MP representing her Party in AP and Parliament.

Sonia Gandhi fighting for justice to AP is like a murderer stabbing someone and then complaining that 108 is not arriving on time.