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A Movie Like Baahubali Or Magadheera

YSRCP MLA Roja came down heavily on the TDP after the release of the 'new capital' videos.

"Chandrababu through the release of the new capital videos is trying to dupe the people. He is showing them a movie along the lines of Baahubali or Magadheera. This is only a gimmick to divert their attention from the vote-for-cash scandal and Pushkaram tragedy.

"The people will not be fooled by his antics. Where is the place for middle-class people and farmers in his new capital?

"Maybe TDP cadre and one particular community will be happy at these videos, the people of Andhra Pradesh however will not be taken in. What did he promise the people and what is he doing now?” thundered Roja.



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