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A Holiday For Telangana

A Holiday For Telangana

These few days, the newspapers have focused only on one thing: KCR’s power-point presentation in the Assembly on irrigation projects.

Knowing that it would be a biased presentation, the Congress and TDP boycotted the event whereas BJP members were present.

Nevertheless, it was the first time that a CM made a power point presentation in the Assembly and the paid media is going gung-ho over it as if Jesus Christ was reborn or something.

That the only thing in focus is the use of technology by KCR and not the feasibility of what he said in the presentation seems to be completely lost on the general public.

Truth be told, CBN was far ahead of KCR in such sorts of things introducing video conferencing etc. But going by the hype in Telangana at the presentation, one would think that KCR had feckin invented Google or something.

Maybe the day of KCR’s PPT will be made a public holiday.