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YSR's Supporters Surprised by Sharmila's Affection

YSR's Supporters Surprised by Sharmila's Affection

The YSR family has always been opposed by two particular newspapers. During his lifetime, YSR often criticized these publications and mocked their biased journalism.

In fact, the creation of "Sakshi" was driven by YSR’s desire for an alternative media that would counter these two newspapers. This is a well-known fact.

Since YSR's death, many political changes have taken place, and the YSR family has seen significant division.

Ironically, the very media that YSR fought against until his last breath now appears to be favored by his beloved daughter, Sharmila.

Today, on the occasion of YSR's birthday, his followers are disheartened to see two full-page advertisements in the very newspaper he opposed. They attribute this to Sharmila.

She placed a full-page ad promoting a meeting in Mangalagiri commemorating YSR's 75th birth anniversary. Notably, the ad did not include photos of leaders from Andhra Pradesh.

Additionally, another full-page ad was placed in the name of YSR's close associates. This raises questions about why details related to the YSR family are being exclusively published in that newspaper and who is providing this information. These ads reinforce the ongoing rumors.

The opinion is growing that Sharmila’s attempt to gain public favor as YSR’s successor through these advertisements could backfire politically.

YSR's supporters find it hard to digest that Sharmila is aligning with the same media outlets that YSR politically and journalistically opposed.

This is causing considerable discussion and disappointment among YSR's loyal followers.


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