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YS Jagan: Too Fast To Succeed or Fail?

YS Jagan: Too Fast To Succeed or Fail?

In an Entrepreneur world, there is a popular advice to budding entrepreneurs that goes like this, "Fail Fast, Fail Often".

But that advice doesn’t suit for Political Leaders in India, especially in a southern Indian state like, Andhra Pradesh where mud-slinging game is the favorite game of all the players in the field!!

But reasons unknown, Jagan seems to be following same principle i.e. Fail Fast, Fail Often and Learn/Build from it!

May be because he is scared that he might go to Prison anytime if Power Centre decides to send him inside or maybe he wants to create an impression for him as a CM who implements his Manifesto within the first year rather than implementing in the last year before elections like every other CM.

6 Months - 9 Promises:
It’s NOT even 6 months since YS Jagan Mohan Reddy took oath as Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and has already either started or issued orders on almost all of his 9 major promises (Navaratnalu) and many of the items from his election manifesto.

In an unusual & rare manner, he even got his party (YSRCP) manifesto displayed in big size in his office which otherwise usually seen as put to hide by many of earlier CMs.

Again all of these have happened in less than 6 months of his administration. And that’s where the main problem is….

Why Hurry?
Aren’t these Paramount things that affect people lives to a great extent?  Yes, they are and that’s why they need to be discussed in length, formulated well and then put to implementation in a transparent way.

Like in Entrepreneurial world, mere a Good idea is not enough, it has to be implemented right way!

That principle is even more important in the administration of any state or country as it affects lives of people, especially poor people, they need to be discussed in length before being implemented!

Example 1 – Sand:
YS Jagan did a great move by blocking sand mafia that started during earlier TDP period by cancelling existing policy, stopping issuance of Sand and much later releasing an App/website to book the sand online!

Why hurry?
The IDEA itself is good but it lacks proper analysis & understanding of the after effects of this order and how it affects every day battle of lakhs of construction labor and how the website/app can be misused by few parties to book all the sand and not let common man book it!

Unfortunately, it seems like Floods also, to some extent, a cause of shortage of sand as even after Government realized the suffering of people, they couldn’t gather enough sand because of the floods as they say!

These issues seem to have been fixed now but that’s too late. People have suffered & opposition parties have taken advantage of it.

Example 2 – Transfer of AP Chief Secretary, LV Subramanyam garu
Another incident that happened recently was sudden transfer of AP Chief Secretary, LV Subramanyam garu!

Why hurry?
It’s not unusual for CM to transfer officers they don’t like but Even if you don’t like him, what is the need of sending him away so unceremoniously, that too few months before his retirement of service?

It was covered/fixed later, though not in full, through the explanation given by Principal Secretary Praveen Prakash.

Example 3 – English Medium
An order on introducing English Medium in Government Schools has caused quite a stir in AP among political circles and Telugu Language Lovers.

Again the IDEA itself is wonderful idea but

Why hurry
Why hurry in implementing for up-to sixth standard in the next year itself? How come existing Telugu Teachers will be ready to teach Sixth Standard subjects so soon? Is it enough time? May be? But why can’t let that discussion happen in the society and take their feedback before issuing final orders?

Why can’t introduce couple of measures to protect Telugu Language like introducing bonus marks if someone excels in Telugu, Government Awards for Prominent people in Telugu Literature etc., along with implementing English Medium?

Let ministers & the officials draft the policy, announce the intention, then let media, experts, and common public give their opinion/feedback, and then the government appointed committee can draft the final policy and publish it!


Appreciation & Request:
Dear CM, Thanks for willing to take dare step in trying to solve decades old problems i.e. improving infrastructure of schools, Improvising availability of Doctors in Govt. Hospitals etc. and trying to keep all your promises but please slowdown, formulate well and then implement!


Written By Kulasekar M

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