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Will Naidu merge TDP with Congress?

Will Naidu merge TDP with Congress?

What will Telugu Desam Party president and Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu do, if his party fares miserably in both the state assembly and Lok Sabha elections, results for which will be declared on May 23?

Well, YSR Congress party feels Naidu might consider merging his party with the Congress in order to sustain the party leaders and cadre.

Senior YSRC leader and former minister Tammineni Sitaram said Naidu must be mulling the idea of folding up his party by merging it with Congress as the imminent defeat was looming large on the TDP, notwithstanding the tall claims made by his friendly media over his “kingmaker” role at the Centre.

Sitaram said his friendly media had been projecting him as a national leader going around West Bengal, Delhi and Karnantaka, uninvited and may be unwanted as well.

“The May 23 results would give the worst ever defeat for him and he will in all probability merge the party with Congress due to lack of probabilities and alternatives. If it happens, it will be unfortunate that the party which was born to decimate the dominance of Congress should be merged in to it,” he said.

He ridiculed that the TDP leaders were facing a piquant situation and were not in a position to even tell how many seats the TDP would win when the results are announced in ten days’ time.

“Naidu has boasted of playing a kingmaker at the Centre but his poor performance back home will dwarf him on the national canvas,” he said.

Sitaram said instead of speaking about their prospects in 2019 battle, TDP has been predicting on other parties more so on BJP which is ridiculous.


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