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Why Only Yellow Media Gets These Comedians

Why Only Yellow Media Gets These Comedians

The people of Andhra Pradesh have had the privilege of witnessing the antics of Ganta Venkateswara Rao, also known as GV Rao, a so-called economist (ardhika medhavi, as described by yellow media), a few months ago.

Later, when his dance reels were leaked on social media, everyone could do nothing but laugh out loud.

Now, another so-called 'medhavi' named Tulluru Lokesh has entertained the Telugu people with his mindless talk on MAHAA TV. 

He claimed that since 2015, Jagan Mohan Reddy has been illegally sending containers full of crores of money to other countries via sea route with the help of the Indian Navy.

The anchor questioned him, pointing out that it was Chandrababu's government in 2015 and asked how Jagan could do this and how the Indian Navy could help in such a nefarious activity, if any. 

Lokesh had no answer but simply tried to cover up something. Meanwhile, the anchor seemed to have received some instructions and concluded the show.

This real-time comedian was later arrested by the police when he was moving suspiciously at Gannavaram Airport, exactly at the time when YS Jagan Mohan Reddy was about to reach the airport to fly abroad. 

When the Cops asked why he was there, he gave a shocking answer, "I came here to take the printout of my ticket as I am going to Delhi tomorrow."

Does anybody go to the airport to take a printout of their ticket, these days?

Everyone is showing web-checked boarding passes or the ticket at the entrance on mobile and walking in. So, the reply given by Lokesh is more suspicious, and thus he was detained by the police.

The bottom line is, why does only yellow media get such mentally disturbed and nonsensical talkers to appear on TV channel shows?

Moreover, there are chances of Indian Navy filing a case on him as per sources.


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