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Watch: YSRC beats Naidu in his own coin!

Watch: YSRC beats Naidu in his own coin!

Telugu Desam Party president and former Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu has been crying foul over the resolution introduced by the YSR Congress party government in the assembly seeking to abolish the state legislative council.

He was wondering how the Jagan Mohan Reddy government could abolish the council just because it sent two of the government bills to the select committee and suggested some changes in two other bills.

“How could the legislative council be abolished just according to his whims and fancies?” he asked.

Naidu also assured his party leaders that he would restore the legislative council once the TDP returned to power in the next elections.

YSRC quickly turned the tables on Naidu by digging out old records to prove that it was the TDP chief which strongly opposed the restoration of the legislative council in 2004 by the then YSRC government.

Whatever Jagan is saying at present, Naidu had said in the past. So, when Jagan is doing what Naidu wanted in 2004, one wonders why the TDP chief is opposing it.

In his speech in the assembly in 2004, Naidu said there was no use of the legislative council except giving positions to a few people.

“The legislative council is to give political rehabilitation for their (ruling) party members and leaders. There would be no great reformations in the laws and no benefit for the state by this (legislative council bill),” Naidu said then,

He pointed out that the council was not required even it was considered historically.

“Previously, there was a low literacy rate and not many educated (candidates) have come (into the house). So, the council would consist of educated people to assist. But now 294 members consist of well experienced and educated people,” the TDP chief said then, which was repeated by Jagan in the assembly three days ago.

Naidu also pointed out that there was a burden of Rs 20 crore on the government every year and bills would be delayed.

“There were no proper regulations for the council in bills that are not related to finance. Moreover, the council has no right to stop the bills for more than four months and the bill will be automatically enacted beyond that,” he said then.



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