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Viral Pic: TDP's Fake Vegetable Stall

Viral Pic: TDP's Fake Vegetable Stall

In a desperate attempt to gain political mileage, the TDP decided to arrange a "fake" vegetable stall to show their solidarity with farmers. However, their poorly thought out plan ended up backfiring, leaving many people in stitches.

The yellow-colored stall itself was a big joke, as that one wouldn't be expected from a genuine farmers' market. The limited selection of vegetables, enough only to feed a single family, was another fun element here.

As if the fake stall wasn't enough to make people skeptical, TDP leader Lokesh decided to give a color, pretending to talk to farmers and listen to their woes.

However, his performance fell flat as the people on social media couldn't contain their laughter at the absurdity of the whole situation.

The TDP's attempt to show support for farmers ended up being a major embarrassment. Instead of gaining the support they were hoping for, they ended up making a mockery of the farmers.

The whole incident only serves to highlight the mindlessness and lack of basic creativity among whoever is handling this stuff.

In conclusion, the TDP's fake vegetable stall was a comedic misadventure that only served to further damage their already waning credibility.


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