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Vijayawada-Guntur: Where education is all about caste!

Vijayawada-Guntur: Where education is all about caste!

The prime responsibility of educational institutions is to produce learned, if not intellectual, human beings. They are expected teach history, science, morals, life skills and everything and the student coming out of the institution should be matured both physically and mentally.

Unfortunately, educational institutions in Andhra Pradesh are producing illiterates with high score in exams.

Passing out of the exam with greater marks has become the prime responsibility of the educational institutions, mostly because education has become a profitable business.

While this being the situation everywhere, the institutions in Vijayawada and Guntur have become the teaching centers of caste politics and caste discrimination.

Most of the schools and colleges are teaching caste or encouraging caste groups on the campus, in these two cities.

The campuses are divided on caste lines even before the college or school organises the fresher’s day.

Some popular institutions in Vijayawada and Guntur have literally become the institutions teaching caste politics to the students.

Unfortunately, the management and the teaching staff (learned professors) encourage the caste division among the students.

The students of most of these institutions are attached to one political party as the managements too have similar political affiliation.

An institution in Vijayawada, which has glorious history of more than four decades, served as money distribution center for one political party in 2014 elections. This is the fate of the educational institutions in AP today.

The other day, when an MLA was attacked, his security person was assaulted and his vehicle was stoned, the attackers were found from one particular college from Guntur.

Nothing will happen to the management of the college who have their political links. But, the students would certainly be the victims of the provocative politics.

Those who were booked in the attack on MLA Pinnelli Ramakrishna Reddy, will be jailed and their future is sealed. The politicians continue to do their politics. The managements continue to flourish. The victims are the students, the youth whose aggressiveness is being used for political motives.

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