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Vemireddy's Over Expectations And Wrong Moves

Vemireddy's Over Expectations And Wrong Moves

Rajya Sabha member Vemireddy Prabhakar Reddy and his wife Prashanthi Reddy finally wore TDP scarfs. Chandrababu Naidu himself invited Vemireddy couple in the party. Due to this, we can understand how much priority TDP is giving to Vemireddy.

What is the real strength of Vemireddy? is the question. It is openly known that only 'money' is the strength of Vemireddy and he has no genuine followers behind. 

Like many political leaders, Vemireddy also has the belief that he can do anything with money. At this time when only the words of those with money in politics are holding value, Vemireddy is seen as a very strong leader. However, Vemireddy could not maintain the courtesy given by CM Jagan in YCP.

The YCP elders did not like Vemireddy's tendency to do everything according to his will. With the gratitude that Vemireddy had financially backed  YCP, he was given due respect. Vemireddy was sent to the highest legislature in the country.

Vemireddy's wife Prashanthi Reddy was given membership in the TTD governing body twice. She was also given the post of supervising president of TTD temples in North India. Nellore district YCP leadership responsibilities were put in his hands.

As demanded by Vemireddy, Nellore City MLA Anil Kumar Yadav was removed from there and sent to Narasaraopet. Vemireddy made this demand as he has been in no good terms with Anil Kumar Yadav. 

After Vemireddy said to field anybody else as the MLA candidate of Nellore City, Deputy Mayor Khalil's name was finalized. But Vemireddy condemned even that and asked to change again. This obviously disturbs Jagan Mohan Reddy. 

As this demand is not met, Vemireddy declared that he is disappointed and joined TDP. But he has to remember one thing. Who ever joins TDP from other than a particular community, he will be robbed off completely and ignored in no time. 

"Vemireddy's financial power is the only attractive feature for TDP. He will be used exhaustively and ignored. Nobody in TDP bothers about him even if won or lost, once his money is used," says an insider. 

We have witnessed the distress of the JC family and the Bhooma family, who were denied tickets to contest, with only one ticket being allocated for the entire family.


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