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Unanimous Anger Of MLAs On TTD EO Dharma Reddy

Unanimous Anger Of MLAs On TTD EO Dharma Reddy

Dharma Reddy, the current Executive Officer of TTD, has been labeled as the most harmful person to the YSRCP's ecosystem. As per sources, he is seriously damaging the party with his ego, selfishness, self-centeredness, and megalomania.

It is a common practice for many ordinary people from various constituencies to obtain recommendation letters from their respective MLAs for a chance to visit Tirumala. This practice has been going on for decades.

However, Dharma Reddy imposes restrictions on Ministers and MLAs when allocating these letters. The limit is as miserable as one letter per day. Additionally, he provides unlimited access to TDP media groups and his own close friends within YSRCP, much to the shock of many. Why is he doing this, and what is the impact?

In reality, leaders rely on their cadre, and voters tend to be loyal to their favorite MLA in their constituency when their requests are answered.

Generally, Tirumala Darshan is an important religious aspect that everyone expects their local MLA to assist them with. Requests for assistance may come from ordinary people, artists, or businessmen who may help during elections.

However, when the MLAs fail to assist them with such a sentimental matter, they tend to ignore or look down on them. Leaders in power cannot tolerate such insults, as it poses a perpetual danger to their position and party.

One may argue that failing to provide a recommendation letter for Tirumala Darshan may not be that serious. But, it is. Ministers and MLAs are more aware of this, as it is their experience.

When questioned, various MLAs responded similarly, with everyone having complaints about Dharma Reddy.

An MLA stated, "There is no guarantee that even the single recommendation I provide per day will be accepted. I do not want my people to be hurt and insulted during their darshan by being rejected. Dharma Reddy has been committing such sinful acts. So, in such instances, I have been sending my children to accompany my people since the chances of rejection are minimal when our family members are present, as per protocol. But even that has its limitations with Dharma Reddy in place."

Another MLA said, "Dharma Reddy should be immediately removed from his position as he is using the holy seat at the feet of Lord Venkateshwara for his own selfish purposes and putting the party in danger."

A senior YSRCP leader said, "Dharma Reddy never answers the phone once he feels that a particular MLA's letter should not be considered. After all, we are not asking for any personal favors. We are providing recommendation letters to our constituency people as part of the facility provided by TTD. Dharma Reddy is so arrogant and megalomaniacal. He does not deserve to be in his position."

"I wonder why CM Jagan Mohan Reddy is sparing this officer? He never spares any such person who damages the party if he is informed. I doubt there are some people who are not bringing this to the notice of Jagan Mohan Reddy", he continued. 

It is surprising that there has not been a single person who spoke positively about the present TTD EO, Dharma Reddy. The anger against him seems to be unanimous within the party.


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