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'The Secret Is In Jagan's Smile'

'The Secret Is In Jagan's Smile'

Kurasala Kannababu, the Hon Minister For Agriculture, Andhra Pradesh has shared how the Corona is being combated, with the suggestions and advices of Hon Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, in an exclusive interview to 

Strategy To Combat Corona:

Corona is being combated in multiple dimensions. Tracing out the Corona suspects, conducting tests and giving medical support to the positives is one dimension. 

Finding out the essential goods required for the people during lockdown and supplying those without any hindrance is another dimension.

Monitoring black markets and price hikes is the other dimension. 

Looking after the farmers' welfare during non availability of markets during to lockdown is one more dimension. 

We are successfully going through all these dimensions. 

We are conducting 7000 tests per day. We are trying to bring out as many positives as possible. 

Controversy In Number of Tests:

Some opposition leaders who are writing letters sitting in quarantine are alleging that AP is performing less number of tests. But when they understood that people are informed that AP is on top in conducting tests in entire nation, they kept quiet .

How can anyone hide the cases? One may hide today. But wouldn't that come out tomorrow? On one hand the opposition says that we are not conducting enough tests, and on the other hand they say that the cases are increasing. How can the cases increase without performing tests! 

People know the facts so we are not worried about any allegations. 

Steps Taken To Supply Essential Goods:

There were 100 Raitu Bazars at the beginning of Corona outbreak. Now there are 1070. Everywhere we started Raitu Bazars in open places. We have also provided some facilities required in all those places.

The farmers and the people are wishing that these new Raitu Bazars should continue forever. We have controlled the prices as well. The government is buying many agricultural products for the first time. 

Possibility of Zero Interest Schemes:

I asked our CM whether it is possible to implement zero interest schemes in this hard time. He smiled. I understood that the smile itself has an answer in the matter of pooling the funds and implementing the scheme.

Later he said, "We promised that we will give. How can we step back!?". That is his commitment and confidence. 

End Of Lockdown:

This is international calamity. We have pandemics and quarantines even before. But this is the biggest in our generation. We are relaxing the lockdown a bit now. States should run as per Center's advice. I think there will be better relaxation after May 3rd. But there wouldn't be any compromise in locking down the Red Zones completely. 

Public Response:

Media should inform how the public response is. Ignore the conspiring tweets and remote allegations. Come to the ground and ask people. You will know what the people are saying.

We are fighting the pandemic without relaxing even for a moment. So we believe that there is positive response from the people. 

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