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Spotlight: YSRCP Making A Huge Blunder

Spotlight: YSRCP Making A Huge Blunder

Even as the TDP is making ample use of the television media with its political ads, the YSRCP has shockingly failed to come out with even a single advertisement till date.

For the record, the Party has actually had ads shot by Mahi V Raghav (Yatra director) and director Sudhir Varma. However, the Party has not used them mystifying supporters.

Prashant Kishore is said to be the reason behind this. Apparently, Prashant Kishore believes based on his experience that television ads will not have much of an impact on voting decisions.

Whether his thinking is right or wrong, in a political campaign, nothing can be left to chance.

Why a voter has voted for a particular Party might not be known even to himself. There are myriad factors at play and eventually, a proper campaigner will adopt a 360 degree approach.

Against this backdrop, leaving out a major medium like television especially when the TDP has earmarked a budget of Rs 1.5 crore for social media advertisements alone and a mammoth budget for television advertising, is nothing but sheer stupidity on the part of YSRCP.

There is also no proper co-ordination between IPAC and the other functionaries of the Party and YS Jagan in the thick of action cannot get down to sorting out the chain of command at this point in time. This was where KVP Ramachandra Rao proved to be such an asset.

KVP would take care of all the back-end work leaving YSR free to concentrate on policy-making and being among the people.

It’s high time the YSRCP got its act together as the Party cannot afford another electoral debacle. 

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