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Sharmila To Stand In Crossroads After Elections

Sharmila To Stand In Crossroads After Elections

Sharmila expected a lot and made her political entry in Telangana but she failed to gain traction during the Telangana elections.

This time she shifted her focus to Andhra Pradesh, transitioning from being a daughter-in-law of Telangana to an Andhra daughter.

Her alliance with the Congress raises questions about the influence of Sunil Kanugolu and other equations. 

Despite her efforts Sharmila's political immaturity is evident particularly in her criticism of her brother, Jagan.

Her repetitive rhetoric has caused people to lose interest and her campaign in Uttarandhra and Rayalaseema has largely been forgotten.

Now she has the chance to contest against Y S Avinash Reddy from Kadapa with competition from TDP/Janasena/BJP candidates.

Sharmila is likely to secure third place with power potentially shifting to either Chandrababu or Jagan after the election.

The Congress party's post election strategy typically involves replacing defeated state heads and so Sharmila's future is uncertain.

Her political life in both Telangana and Andhra will end and if there is any personal property dispute with her brother she may have to settle it through the court of law. 

Knowing the history, it's unlikely that Chandrababu will support Sharmila post election.

Following the election Sharmila may find herself at a crossroads once again.


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