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Sharmila Invisible: A Blow By TDP-Media

Sharmila Invisible: A Blow By TDP-Media

Sharmila has been noticeably absent from public attention for the past three days, largely due to the deliberate exclusion by pro-TDP media outlets. 

The TDP, fearing potential backlash, decided against supporting Sharmila, leading to a boycott of her coverage by TDP-affiliated newspapers and TV channels. Consequently, her presence has become virtually invisible to the public eye from last 3 days.

This underscores the prevailing logic in Andhra Pradesh that individuals seeking media coverage either need their own media platforms or must align themselves with the TDP's interests. 

This same rationale explains Pawan Kalyan's apprehension towards the TDP, as he recognizes that without their support, he risks fading into political irrelevance in the state.

Indeed, if the TDP deems Pawan Kalyan no longer beneficial, he quickly finds himself devoid of any media attention the following day.

Whether he receives coverage hinges entirely on his usefulness to the TDP; otherwise, he is entirely ignored by the media in political landscape.


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