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Rahul targets Adani, but Revanth welcomes him!

Rahul targets Adani, but Revanth welcomes him!

For the last few years, Congress MP and senior leader Rahul Gandhi has been targeting the Adani Group led by Gautam Adani, the most favourite industrialist for the Narendra Modi government at the Centre.

He has been accusing Adani of capturing almost all the sectors in the country, looting public money and getting undue benefits from the Centre. In every session of Parliament, Rahul doesn’t spare Adani Group in his attack.

Interestingly, his own party government in Telangana, led by chief minister A Revanth Reddy is rolling out red carpet for Adani group, seeking huge investments from it in the state.

On Wednesday, Revanth Reddy held talks with Gautam Adani's elder son and CEO to Ports and SEZs Karan Adani and Adani Aero Space CEO Asish Rajvansh and invited investments from Adani company to set up industries in Telangana.

The chief minister assured the Adani group delegation that his government would provide required amenities, infrastructure and subsidies to the new industries to promote industrial growth and create more  employment opportunities.

The Adani group representatives said that the group would continue the existing projects and sought necessary support from the government to establish new projects and create new jobs.

The representatives held talks with the government to set up a Data Centre along with an Aero Space Park in the state.

The establishment of new projects and the progress in the ongoing projects were also discussed in the meeting.


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