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Public Talk: Pawan Again Proved to be Unfit

Public Talk: Pawan Again Proved to be Unfit

Pawan Kalyan once again proved his ignorance and foolishness with his statement. He knows that his party was curtailed by being given 24 seats as part of an alliance with TDP, but Pawan Kalyan wants to cover it up with foolish math.

It is known that he said that though only 24 assembly seats were given out of the three MP seats, there are about 18-20 assembly segments under those, which means that those seats should also be added. He concluded by saying that Janasena is contesting in 40 seats.

Social media started trolling this foolish statement by Pawan Kalyan.

The first one to shoot a satire on this is Ram Gopal Varma.

"MINDBLOWING LOGIC derived from 2 LAKH BOOKS," RGV mentioned on X posting the video clip.

Later he also posted, "Never felt so sad for anyone in my life more than what I am feeling today for PK and more than for PK I am feeling sad for Janasena."

RGV also asked on X, "if 24 + 7 x 3 = 45 then 151 + 7 x 22 = 303, so where are 175?", exposing the blatant mindlessness of Pawan Kalyan.

Even the general public is coming up with hard-hitting comments on social media.

A post says, "Pawan Kalyan is a good-for-nothing guy. He never knows what he actually speaks."

Another mention is, "Pawan once again proved that he is unfit for politics. He has no basic common sense. He is fit only for acting on the silver screen but not in reality."

Likewise, there are many comments pouring in against Pawan Kalyan for his mindless line about Assembly and Lok Sabha seats.

"He wants to show himself intelligent to the world, but actually he is a foolish guy," another post by a netizen mentioned.

It's okay to see Pawan Kalyan talking about something like this when there are no elections around. But with elections coming nearer, speaking out such mindless lines may show an effect on the electoral.


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