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Praneeth Hanumanthu: A Curse To An Educated Family

Praneeth Hanumanthu: A Curse To An Educated Family

Praneeth Hanumanthu is a name being cursed by everyone in society. He is being criticized as a repugnant social media criminal. He was arrsted in Bengaluru when he was trying to fly abroad. 

The surprising factor is that he is the son of a senior IAS officer. His father, in a recent interview, boasted about their illustrious family background, highlighting his wife's well-educated lineage.

Praneeth's actions have sparked nationwide outrage, with many questioning how someone from such a reputed family could engage in such behavior.

His father proudly described his sons as "high-spirited" and blessed, though this incident suggests something opposite. 

Praneeth's grandfather was a pioneering real estate dealer in Palasa, Srikakulam, a century ago. Praneeth's mother, an advocate for child welfare and a former UNICEF worker, holds degrees in law and psychology yet it appears these values were not imparted to her children.

Their family, high-profile and well-connected, has a photograph from a significant wedding that has circulated online adding to the public's interest and scrutiny.

Psychologists often assert that behavior is influenced by one's upbringing and environment. This makes it all the more perplexing that Praneeth, who grew up in a family that has connections with distinguished DGPs, Chief Ministers and top bureaucrats would act in such a reprehensible manner.

Though Praneeth was arrested some speculate that the case might not endure long given the family's resources and connections including the potential involvement of high paid Delhi lawyers.

Nonetheless, his innocence is still proclaimed by his supporters, with aspirations for his future abroad.

A graduate of Symbiosis Law College, Pune, Praneet has faced criticism before for making insensitive jokes about orphans and disabled children. This latest incident is just a continuation of his regressive behavior but not the beginning. 

The swift response from the Telangana CM, Deputy CM and Telangana Police to societal backlash is commendable. Reports indicate that Praneeth and three others have been arrested.


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