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Political Factionism: Danger Bells In Andhra Pradesh

Political Factionism: Danger Bells In Andhra Pradesh

Political factionism seems to be an ongoing practice in Andhra Pradesh politics. In a way, factionism is between two families or involved persons. However, in this political factionism, no one knows who might become a victim all of a sudden.

A couple of days ago, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said that any sort of political vengeance on common people should be stopped, or else this practice will continue from the other side whenever voters switch their loyalties and change the government.

In fact, it is true that this should be stopped somewhere to avoid continuation. 

As of now, many TDP fanatics are attacking common people whom they believe to be YSRCP loyalists.

In a recent incident TDP fanatics threatened a mid-day meal laborer named Sunkamma, who has been working in the mid-day meal program for the last 23 years in Anantapur, to leave the agency. Even though she said that she is not related to any political party nor involved in any controversy, they didn't leave her. 

Upset with all this, and fearing the loss of her long-term livelihood, she attempted suicide by consuming pesticide. Fortunately, she was saved by family members with quick medical aid.

In another incident, an Arya Vysya leader's rice mill was attacked by TDP fanatics in Chandragiri. They demanded a ransom from the owner Kishore. When the owner questioned why he should pay, the officers locked up the mill and stopped the electricity supply as well. The victim says that Pulivarti Nani, the present MLA of Chandragiri, is responsible for this.

In another incident, a victim named Sridhar from Tirupati alleges that similar attacks are being orchestrated by TDP leaders who attempted to demolish his building out of greed for land and money.

This kind of misuse of power and the assumption of a right to trouble even the common people after gaining power should be stopped. 

The top brass of the Alliance, like Chandrababu and Pawan Kalyan, may indicate that they are not into vendetta politics, but at the same time, they should control their cadre at the bottom level and ensure that such attacks are prevented in the interest of peaceful democracy.


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