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Pawan Kalyan's Comments on Telangana Irk All

Pawan Kalyan's Comments on Telangana Irk All

Pawan Kalyan's statement that Andhraites are getting beaten up in Telangana has received flak from all.

Both Andhraites and Telanganaites on social media have slammed Pawan Kalyan for talking nonsense all for the sake of gaining votes. He is flaring up emotions in Bhimavaram to win the election by hook or crook.

Pawan Kalyan made these statements after filing nominations in Bhimavaram.

He said that while we (Andhra people) are fighting among us on caste lines and in Telangana, they are grouping us as ‘Andhrollu’ and beating up our people.

Even after the bifurcation, people are living harmoniously in Hyderabad. No one was discriminated based on their region, forget about beating.

Except for the occasional over-the-top political speeches by TRS leaders during polls, there was not a single incident by the government or people against the people of Andhra roots.

While Pawan Kalyan makes profuse statements that he is practicing ‘new-age politics’, his speeches paint different picture. He is talking more like a conventional politician – anything for votes.

Hyderabad is as peaceful as ever and all people from all regions are living together happily. Speeches like these disturb the harmony. 



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