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Pawan Kalyan May Face Embarrassment

Pawan Kalyan May Face Embarrassment

It has now almost confirmed that Pawan Kalyan would attend TANA 2019 Convention to be held on July 4 in Washington DC.

He was initially reluctant but it is said that Chandrababu Naidu is pushing him to agree to the invitation extended by TANA committee.

But Pawan Kalyan’s fans and his well-wishers are asking him to avoid attending this as he would face embarrassment there since it would be like a TDP convention.

If he really wants to break away from the shadow of Chandrababu Naidu to become a major political force by 2024, he needs to start learning to stand alone.

TANA is an organization for Telugus residing in America but over the years it has become a platform for Kamma community in USA. 90 percent of attendees are from the same community. Even the guests from India will predominantly be from their caste.

Rather than attending TDP shadow organisations, he should concentrate on building and strengthening his Jana Sena party.

If he continues to align with Naidu and his community, the Kapu community will never trust Pawan Kalyan. This was the reason why he has failed to win even in one seat that he contested from.



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