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Pawan- An Embodiment Of Ignorance And Jealousy

Pawan- An Embodiment Of Ignorance And Jealousy

Pawan Kalyan is undoubtedly an embodiment of ignorance and jealousy. The outcome of these two is an unfathomable inferiority complex.

The power centers in Delhi know this and hence he was not invited to meet Amit Shah in the latter's Telangana tour. If Pawan really has an alliance with BJP, then why wouldn't Amit Shah find time to meet him? 

On an occasion earlier, Narendra Modi invited Chiranjeevi to unveil Alluri Seetarama Raju's statue but not Pawan Kalyan. 

What do these incidents convey? BJP at the center is making Pawan Kalyan a fool. They firmly know that he is worth nothing. 

On the other hand his ignorance and jealousy are exposed on the birthday of Chiranjeevi. He released a press note on his Janasena letterhead.

He praised his brother and mentioned- "..My brother is humble by nature. Though the person in front of him is cultureless to say namaste in response, my brother never hesitates to say namaste".

Even a school kid knows that he is hinting at Jagan Mohan Reddy. Pawan is not leaving that point and becoming a laughing stock.

There is no feeling in Chiranjeevi that he was insulted and there was no intention or reason from the side of Jagan Mohan Reddy to insult. Above all, Jagan never asked Chiranjeevi to say namaste to him humbly. 

Then why only Pawan is lamenting. He is jealous of Jagan Mohan Reddy for exercising power by winning people's hearts. 

With this nature, Pawan can never become an MLA. People watch him closely and the topics on which he responds to understand his nature and outlook.


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